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Kázmér Rónay Painter

1883 -

He came from a family of gods. Therefore, he could afford to travel to Europe and the Middle East after graduating from the College of Fine Arts (he had been on the side of Viktor Olgyai and had been assistant lecturer for many years). From 1912 onwards in Budapest and in the countryside. He also went on a study trip to Paris. After that, he became exhausted from the modern, he came home and worked at home. She lived in Váci Street in winter, spending the summer in Agárd at the chalet. She got married, but her child was not born. He spent a lot of his time, but mostly after 1945. After his wife\'s death, he resigned to the Váci street. At the end of her life, she was almost blind and she was the one who hurt her the most. It was a little bothering to forget it. Was abandoned after 1945, but he complained that the frescoes in the Chapel of Óbuda Cemetery were removed (painted).

Ronay Casimir (1883-): Forest Road

65,5x45,5 cm
Oil on cardboard
Signed right below: Rónay K.

Price: 309,00 €

Ronay Casimir (1883-): Forest Road

27. LIVE ART AUCTION 22-11-2018.

Ronay Casimir (1883-): Forest Road


Starting price: 135,00 €


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