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Kálmán Istókovits Painter graphic artist

1898 - 1990

Painter, graphic artist. In 1920 in Vienna, in 1921 he began his studies in Milan. Kiss of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts from 1922-27 István Gyula Rudnay and Andor dudits were his teachers. In 1928, Ferenc József won the Coronation Jubilee Scholarship 1929-30 received a scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Rome. Balló Ede Prize and graphic Zichy Mihály Prize in Budapest awarded a special etching, woodcut and watercolor prize. He was a member of the Benczúr Society, the Hungarian Watercolor and Pastel Painters Association and the Hungarian Society of Portrait Painters. Exhibiting artist since 1922, he has been a constant player in the national exhibitions. Italy, France went on a study tour. Before college, the artist colony of Pécs also got to know RUDNAY. Here he learned the technique of engraving. First of all graphics are significant. Since the late \'20s female portraits, religious and historical themes images, genres, also painted landscapes. Oil is a picture of the Roman Galleria Moderna bought it three etchings was acquired by the king of Italy in Rome and Venice. His works are preserved in the National Gallery, the Municipal Gallery, the Janus Pannonius Museum and Baja Nagy István Gallery.

Kálmán Istókovits (1898-1990): Construction

250x250 mm
Etching on paper,
Signed right below: Istókovits Kálmán

Price: 34,00 €

Kálmán Istókovits (1898-1990): Balatoni táj

290x480 cm
colorid etching on paper,
signed lower right: Istókovits Kálmán

Price: 57,00 €

Kálmán Istókovits (1898-1990): Tisza fishermen

35x50 mm
oil on cardboard,
signed below left: Istókovits K.

Price: 371,00 €

Istókovits (1898-1990): Construction

22. ART AUCTION 2017. 09. 25.

Istókovits (1898-1990): Construction


Kálmán Istókovits (1898-1990): Hilly landscape

25. LIVE ART AUCTION 31. 05. 2018.

Kálmán Istókovits (1898-1990): Hilly landscape


Kikiáltási ár: 71,00 €

Leütési ár: 71,00 €

Kálmán Istókovits (1898-1990): Tisza fishermen

30. Live Art Auction 19. 09. 2019. Csonka János Múzeum

Kálmán Istókovits (1898-1990): Tisza fishermen


Kikiáltási ár: 257,00 €


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