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Miklós Németh Painter

1934 - 2012

Painter. Studied at the painter school of Ödön Márffy between 1950-1954. His masters: István Ilgo Varga, Emil Gádor, Menyhért Tóth. Lives in Budapest. Secretary General of the Buda Art Group between 1990 and 1998. He worked on Tokaj and Telkibánya artists' colonies. He has appeared in several domestic individual and group exhibitions. His solo exhibition was in 1981 at the Műcsarnok. He is regularly listed on the National Water Bengal Biennial. Prizes: 1st Prize at the 100th Anniversary of the Pest-Buda Association, István Ilgo Varga, Prize in 1996. Among other collections are the works of the Ferenczy Károly Museum in Szentendre.

Cs. Miklos Németh(1934-2012): Műteremben

Technique: oil on cardboard,
Signed:VNM. Backside view of autograph subtitles Miklos Nemeth Art Hall on 1966th
Size: 86x62cm

Price: 1.358,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh(1934-2012): The dancers

Technique: oil on cardboard
Size: 29,5x41,5cm

Price: 407,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Galaxy

70x100 cm
oil, carton on canvas,
top center: P.Cs.V.M.

Price: 760,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Summer

128x107 cm
tempera on cardboard,
signed left below: V.N.M. 74.

Price: 1.630,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Spring

oil on canvas,

Price: 815,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Pasarét

69x86 cm
oil on cardboard
signed lower middle: CsVNM.

Price: 760,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Balaton

70x100 cm
oil, carton on canvas,
top center: P.Cs.V.M.

Price: 760,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Green-red nude

20x30 cm
Temper on paper,
Signed lower left: CsVNM. 90. 03.05.

Price: 679,00 €

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Spring

8. Online Auction 19-16. 04. 2021.

Cs. Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Spring


Starting price: 76,00 €

Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Meeting

2. Online Auction 01-05.- 10-05.2020.

Miklós Németh (1934-2012): Meeting


Starting price: 97,00 €

Realized price: 119,00 €


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