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Vilmos Novák Aba Painter graphic artist

1894 - 1941

Vilmos Aba-Novák (until 1912: Vilmos Novák) (Budapest, 15 March 1894 - Budapest, 29 September 1941) is a Hungarian painter, graphic artist, one of the most original and most controversial talents of modern Hungarian painting. Between 1912 and 1914 he studied at the College of Fine Arts in Budapest, then worked at the Szolnok Colony and Nagybánya. From 1928 until 1928 he was awarded the scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Rome, and from 1939 he was a teacher at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts. As a fresco painter, he performed numerous public and church assignments (the frescoes of the Roman Catholic Church of Jaszszentgyörgy, the Gate of the Heroes of Szeged, the Szent István Mausoleum in Székesfehérvár. [2] [3]) was awarded the World Expo in Paris in 1937, . grand prize of the Venice Biennale. His late-tempered temperaments in his virtuoso style melted the elements of expressionism and the Italian language novecento. Characterized by dynamic, monumental inspiration and dynamic compositions; the theme of the village fair and the circus was popular. With the help of a brilliant technique - without missing caricaturistic elements - the lives of the people of the Great Plain. His pictures are kept in addition to the Hungarian National Gallery and other public collections in a number of private collections.

Aba Novák Vilmos (1894-1941): Into the Light

Technique: copperplate-paper
Signed: Abanovák 23.-XXX.3.
Size: 325*410 mm

Price: 257,00 €

Aba Novák Vilmos(1894-1941): Sunlight

273x195 mm
etching on paper,XVIII.51.
signed right below: Abanovák 22.

Price: 214,00 €


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