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Laszlo Drégely Painter, sculptor, stage designer.

1932 - 1990

Masters Endre Bálint, Gadányi Eugene Joseph Litkei. 1953: College of Arts, Masters of Endre Bálint, Gadányi Eugene Joseph Litkei. 1972: Bela Balazs Prize; 1977: Merit; 1980: Medal for Budapest. He learned his trade in accordance began his career as a stage designer. He worked for MTV in 1958 until 1978, but regularly produced set designs for several Pest theater and film. In addition, with the prestigious scenic, graphic activities. Sovereign composition, physical structure marked by symbols and notation painting. Surreal, dreamlike paintings reflect deeply thought-provoking, full of spiri

Drégely László(1932-1990): Landscape

285x440 mm
Watercolor on paper,
Signed right below: Drégely 960

Price: 135,00 €

Drégely László(1932-1990): Still Life

70x50 cm
olaj, paper,
Signed right below: Drégely 1960

Price: 225,00 €


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