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Kérem adja meg az értesítési adatait


Kérem adja meg az értesítési adatait

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Almásy Aladár(1946-):Egy madárgyűjtő bemutatkozása az unikornis Mythologiai rénszarvasnak

  • Technique: copperplate paper, proofing I / VIII.
  • Forecast: Aladár Almasy 1989th
  • Size: 300*325 mm

Price: 112,00 €

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Graphics, painting. The Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest conducted in 1973. Masters Barcsay, Aurel Bernath, Wedge Alexander, Charles Raszler. In 1976, Béla Kondor won the prize. In 1978 he received a scholarship Derkovits. 1979 was a study trip to Paris. In 1980 Derkovits Memorial Medal. In 1985 he was awarded the Miskolc Graphics Biennale Grand Prize. In 1987, Munkácsy award recognized his work. More than once he has been awarded the Hódmezővásárhely Autumn Art. In 1997, Koller became a laureate in 1998, he was awarded a scholarship to the Art des Arte Paris. Budapest and Nógrádkövesden work. Merse member of the Company and several art associations. exhibiting artist since 1974. solo exhibition was in 1976 in New York, in 1978, in Paris, in addition to several domestic sites in 1994, the Art Gallery. A regular participant in the national graphic and painting exhibitions. His works can be found in the National Gallery, the Herman Otto Museum, the Museum's collection Hódmezôvásárhely Towers.


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